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  We offer our members, State Medicaid/Medicare, HMO, or otherwise a complete range of service to resolve their transportation needs and questions.

Our Call Center
  Our call center staff is specially trained to be attuned to the needs and sensitivity of our members' medical issues. This aids in the quick and efficient arrangement of the most appropriate transportation allowed by the host plan to/from the members' medical-related destinations. We ensure that there is an EMT trained consultant available to the call center to resolve special issues and questions. We request that all call center staff complete the hippa privacy of information certification program. Finally, we maintain an open door policy between our call center staff and our administrative and technical staff to promote optimal internal communications and policy compliance.

Member Relations
  When a member encounters an issue in dealing with transportation or entitlements, they seldom fit any predefined specification. Because of this we keep our member relations policy as simple as possible to handle the widest range of issues. When a member has an issue they wish to address, they simply need to contact our call center. All of our CSRs are trained to deal with member relations, thus making it simpler for the member to be heard. The issue is logged as a basic function of the call answering process and immediately deferred to the appropriate department/person for resolution. All member relations are directly supervised by our CEO whose extensive background in social work and counseling allow him to interact with the process to effectively diffuse issues before they become a problem.

Example Services

While service availability is a function of what plan a member is part of, below is a list of services that we have arranged for the plans that we contract with. Please note that a cornerstone of our services is prior authorization of non-emergency services. From the member's perspective, this allows us to ensure that the appropriate services are available when the member needs them. It also gives us the opportunity to educate the member in their entitlements ensuring that the member does not unintentionally arrange for non-covered services, thus incurring unnecessary cost to themselves. Also keep in mind that our CSRs are trained to arrange for the optimal mode of transportation as determined by the members medical necessities, the distances traveled and the economics of the services required.

Some Services we currently schedule:

  • Wheelchair Van service
  • Taxi service
  • Commercial Bus Fare
  • Commercial Air Fare
  • Lodging and Meals when the member has services out of area
  • Non-emergency ground and air ambulance
  • Quality of life enhancing service (Follow link for more information)


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