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ITM's Core strength is our people.

CEO and President of ITM:Richard Nimon, MSW, CISW, LISW

Mr. Nimon attained his MSW at the University of Illinois, specializing in Policy, Planning and Administration. Over the next twenty years, he held positions in both behavioral health, as an individual and family therapist, and medical social work dealing specifically with renal dialysis patients. Richard has held social work certification and licensing in Illinois, New Mexico and Arizona. Through various executive positions, he dealt with the consequences of inadequate transportation systems on his patients' health, as well as the negative financial impact to his employers. Mr. Nimon and Mr. Murnane worked together on renal patient transportation projects throughout 1989. Realizing the potential benefits of managed care programs to payers and patients alike, he left the renal care field to join Mr. Murnane in the development and expansion of effective, yet affordable transportation systems. Mr. Nimon, through medical training received in the Navy, has held field certification as an Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT), which provided him with a better in-depth understanding of the diverse needs of payers, patients, and providers. Owing to his specialized background and training, Mr. Nimon works closely with all personnel involved in employee training and personally participates with Call-Center employees during the set up phase of new operations.

Our Medical Director: 

The CIO/ITO: Ronald Nimon

Ron was initially trained in computers by the Naval Advanced Electronics training program in 1971. After his military duties in the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine program he continued his engineering education at Parkland college. A 30 year affiliation as computer and network support with the Physics Dept of the University of Illinois has keep him current in state of the art and leading edge computer technology. In addition, he has been designing and implementing critical data applications and programs for the last 20 years. Mr. Nimon has designed and maintains ITM's proprietary call center and data management software. In addition to his impressive technical skills and knowledge, Ron has a unique ability to teach "users" of his products. He is able to impart to users, at any skill level, not only the mechanical skills necessary, but also a basic understanding of the structure and purpose of the software. His sensitivity to the users skill and knowledge has led to software design that "flows naturally" for the tasks at hand.




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