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  ITM attempts to contract all transportation providers in our client area in order to provide the best services available to our members. The contracted providers benefit in many ways from this symbiosis through our integrated provider assistance services.

How integrated dispatch assistance appears to the provider

What the provider dispatch sees is daily faxes of the services required two days hence and the occasional phone call to handle anomalies.

{Our call center software is specially designed to organize requested services. Our policies merge with this to give providers maximum notice for optimal scheduling of services. All of this occurs transparently to the provider and the provider simply gets a daily fax of requested services two days in advance.  In the cases when the 48 hour notice cannot be complied with or if a member cancels the request, our CSRs directly contact the providers dispatch office and arrange for the special service conditions. We also notify our providers at the beginning of each month of members that require the same services at predetermined intervals (blanket requests) during the month so that they can prepare for that well in advance.}

How integrated billing assistance appears to the provider
  A summary of the requested services linked to tracking number is received in the daily faxes. This summary contain all information required for correct billing. Provider information packages distributed at the time of contract that gives instructions and examples for proper billing.

What does this mean to the provider
  • Our providers have a single point of contact for all dispatch, billing, and member relations issues.
  • Members arrange services through specially trained operators ensuring that the right services are arranged up front.
  • Inappropriate service requests are screened from the provider's dispatchers.
  • Daily service request summaries designed to facilitate dispatch function.
  • Our 48 hour prior notice rule and blanket requests gives the provider lead time to optimize his resource utilization.
  • Reduced call volume to provider's dispatch operators.
  • Probable increase in service requests.
  • Proper billing codes and tracking number supplied with the service request.
  • Weekly billing cycle to minimize delay of remittances.
  • Remittance summary linked to services request by tracking number.
  • Administrative oversight and review assistance if member relation issues arise.
  • Documentation packages and information services for how to best service the member population.
  • Upon request, ITM may be contracted for special training sessions to educate drivers to better understand and deal with medical transportation issues


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