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Nearly 20 years ago, at a time when databases were rigidly structured COBOL applications running on mainframe computers and limited to large budget corporations, ITM recognized the future of personal computers. Connecting them as workstations and data servers on a local area network for a more flexible and scaleable solution. We forged into that arena and have been refining and updating it ever since. This technology is the backbone of our call center. Highlights of the call center are listed below. Please contact us for more information.

  • Gigabit network backbone with managed network switching for optimal traffic.
    • High speed networking allows minimum server access times to minimize lookup delays at the CSR stations.
  • 3 year end of life cycle for workstations to ensure best performance and reliability.
    • Inadequate workstation performance can lead to added response times when responding to member support issues.
    • We ensure that our CSR's have reliable and responsive workstations to eliminate this issue.
  • Custom tailored Client-Server database applications.
    • Client-Server applications ensure consistency of data whenever accessed.
    • Our custom phone protocol facilitation application is designed lead the CSR through a carefully structured conversation that:
      •  Ensures all required information will be gathered
      • Minimizes call time by avoiding unnecessary or redundant conversation
      • Simplifies the technical details of a service request by means of an encounter based wizard that will translate simple service descriptions and radio button choices into the required procedure codes and service details.
      • Does NOT restrict the CSR from submitting a member request that does not 'fit the mold'.
        • When all is said and done, we trust our CSRs and their training.
        • Member requests are going to step out side of the box on occasion.
        • Our software acknowledges this and allows flexibility to deal with such requests.
  • State of the art digital voice logging.
    • Easily indexed and accessible digital voice logs are available for all call center phone lines.
    • Voice logging facilitates quality assurance for our member services.
    • Voice logging allows easy access to verify member requests should questions arise.
  • Multi-T1 Voice system.
  • Enterprise centrally managed and enforced Anti-Virus application.
    • Our AV manager tests for updates every 1/2 hour and immediately pushes out updates.
  • High-speed internet uplink with state of the art managed firewall appliance.
    • Dedicated hardware appliances are less susceptible to attack and compromise, than software based solutions.
    • Portal based anti-malware/anti-spyware through statefull packet inspection.
    • Internet content filtering to prohibit accidental activation of undesirable links.



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